Eltec Cables & Instruments

With a main objective of “EMPOWERING PROCESS MANAGEMENT “ – ELTEC CABLES & INSTRUMENTS initiated its journey by manufacturing HEAT RESISTANT & INSTRUMENTATION CABLES with insulation such as PTFE, FIBER GLASS etc. & metal shielding of SPC, TPC, SS etc. With its policy of technological advancement in manufacturing process, the company gained a reputation of quality manufacturers of Cables within a short span of time. After establishing itself as a quality manufacturer of PTFE & Instrumentation CABLES, it entered into designing & manufacturing temperature sensors for Processing Industries to provide heat related solution right from sensing.

Product Line from MANUFACTURING Division

  • Thermocouple Grade Extension & Compensating Cable
  • PTFE Insulated Single Core & Multicore Wires & Cables
  • PTFE Insulated Shielded & Screen Instrumentation Cables
  • Fiber Glass Insulated Heavy Duty Cables Single Core & Multi Core.
  • Bayonet Thermocouple
  • High Temperature Ceramic Sheathed Platinum Thermocouple
  • Sheathed Thermocouple
  • Mineral Insulated Thermocouple

After a strong foothold in the field of providing temperature solutions, there was a growing need from our reputed clients from Processing Industries to provide them the most reliable solutions for other industrial process parameters such as level, pressure, flow, humidity etc. The Company started offering their services in developing Product Applications for Industrial Process Automation. Today we source the best quality Process Control Instruments from reputed Companies across the globe, which help our clients in Empowering Process Management.

Product Line from DISTRIBUTION Division

  • PID & Temperature Controller from ITHERM
  • PID & Process Controllers from TAIE.
  • Temperature / Pressure & Level Transmitters.
  • Level Switches ( Rotary Paddle & Vibrating Fork Type )
  • Pneumatic Vibrators
  • All Type of Process Control Instruments

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